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Spiritual Healing and Support

We provide true spiritual support to our visitors and guide them with our knowledge. We are providing humans with spiritual guidance or istekhara service free of charge.
We perform Ruqyah strictly according to Quran and Sunnah. Our spiritual powers are pure islamic. But our services are for all mankind.

Our duty is to help all humans who need peace and spiritual support.

Free spiritual knowledge

We are sharing our knowledge on internet. Prayers and wazifas are free of charge, You can find these free wazifas for all kinds of problems.

In free rituals you will find wazifas for love, money spells, wealth powerful islamic prayers and duas to recite.

spiritual knowledge and online course

Jinns ritual, mawakel and angel conjuring, and twin brother angels or hamzad ritual are available in e-books.

We are also teaching spiritual course by lessons step by step. They are based in knowledge from quran and hadith.

talismans and amulets

Amulets, talismans, are commonly used for personal protection, attracting luck, creating positive energy, and promoting healing.

Our Talismans and amulets have basically background from islamic traditions.  .


We are doing every thing which is possible to help others. Thanks to God many people have given us positive feedback and we receive comments from them.

Istekhara free spiritual guide


For free spiritual guide use the form or send us email.

Remmber that istekhara is to seek goodness from Allah.

Always do ask for istekhara for a important task.

We can also find spiritual reason behind any problem you have.